Monday, July 03, 2006

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Folks, this is a community project focused on the Russell and Klausen families in Australia. It's also a way by which I can stretch my own understanding of various web tools and techniques. So you can not only see how various products or tools like Blogger or Textpattern work, you can see some reasonably interesting content as well.

On with the show. We have the following resources here to amuse you (or maybe just me).
  • Written in pure HTML we have the Russell, Klausen, Matthews, Brown and O'Brien and family photo archive and the attached family genealogy blog by courtesy of
  • We also have a family Gallery to which others can register and submit relevant images
  • And we have the PHP-Nuke-CMS based and joinable which contains a growing array of articles, images and links plus a forum
  • We have other image galleries, too. Start from here and then go here as well
  • In the spirit of trying different ways to do the same thing we have a test of Textpattern called Rob's Folly
  • And a business resources blog called the spiel on business once again by courtesy by which I can share some items of possible interest to MBA students
  • Not to mention a test of WordPress to create the bike, environment and business blog Out Out Damned Blog
  • And lastly Rob's other folly, a Writing Blog, once more provided via Blogger.
Please enjoy and/or feedback via comments.

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